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Where Medieval meets the splendour of a Venetian Villa

Welcome to the Montegalda Castle an architectural jewel situated in one of the isolated knolls of the plains to the west of the Euganei hills, the last off shoot of the Bacchiglione. With a history that embraces Roman antiquity, the Castle represents a central site between the east/west communications, connecting Vicenza and Padua through the Ania and Postumia roads. Its bridge at the foot of the Castle and its naturally elevated position make it a strategic point that has played a crucial role in the disputes between the different cities and political regimes over the centuries

A history full of changes and conquests

From its inception as a medieval steep mound belonging to the Maltraversi, the Castle has lived through various historical phases. Disputed by the Paduans, conquered by Ezzelino in 1256 and subsequently passed under the domino of the Scaligeri in 1331, the Castle has undergone numerous sieges and restorations. It was under the Serenissima Republic of Venice that the Castle became an anti-Carrarese bulwark and subsequently was transformed into a patrician residence during the XVI century.

A unique architecture

The Montegalda Castle in one of the few examples of steep mound systems in the western Veneto, that has conserved its characteristics despite the modifications made by the Scaligeri and the subsequent Venetian changes. Its perimeter curtains interspersed with shielded towers and the complex system consisting of a dry ditch with an escarpment and a contro-escarpment create a fascinating and suggestive environment.

The restoration and rebirth

Over the years, the Castle has suffered degradation and damage caused by thefts and fires, until Mr Luciano Sorlini acquired the property with the intention to restore it and bring back to life this magnificent monument. Thanks to his commitment, today we can admire again the beauty and the majesty of the Montegalda Castle.

Explore the Montegalda Castle today

Come and discover the history of this fascinating Castle, of its military past and its splendour as a patrician residence. Admire the antique ancient masonry and archaeological finds that testify to its rich history. Enjoy a walk in the winter garden or immerge yourself in the atmosphere of another time in the court of arms. The Montegalda Castle offers a unique experience, a dive into the past and an extraordinary testimony of the historical heritage of the Veneto.

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